Delay Sweeps Macro-Generator

Delay Sweeps Macro-Generator

Takes given set of times and fixture rows and generates macros to control time and direction of sweeps across rig.

Creates a set of macros to apply delay sweeps to a specified list of sequences across your entire rig.
Installs an updater plugin for purposes of cloning to a new rig without having to rebuild page.



Delay Sweeps Generator v1.7.4
Delay Sweeps Generator v1.7.4
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Common Issues

Issue: "I'm clicking the macros but nothing is changing in my rig"
Common Solution: Your user-config has not been set up for the affected sequence range. You will need to adjust the starting and ending affected sequence in the user-config section of the installed Execution plugin, or in the Installer plugin before the initial installation.

Update History

v 1.7.4
-bug fix: Updater plugin now copies PresetType information correctly from Installer plugin.

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