Group Repatch


esigned for personal use. Suggestions are very welcome, but no support is currently offered with this plugin.
Save a copy of your showfile before using.

This plugin is designed to take all fixtures from a specified group and repatch them, at the same addresses, on a different universe.

There is an option for only repatching fixture currently on a specified universe. For example, if you have a group of fixtures on universes 9 and 10, and want to only repatch the fixtures from universe 9 to universe 2, then inputting “9” to the “Exclusive Universe to Repatch” dialogue will ignore all fixtures not currently on universe 9 during the process.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS CURRENTLY NO MECHANISM FOR CHECKING COLLISIONS. If something is in the destination universe that is in the way, it will be unpatched with no notification




Group Repatch 0.1.0
Group Repatch 0.1.0
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