Tutorial - Make a Temp-Page Key

Tutorial on how to make your own temp-page/"modifier" key in MA2

This video will go through the process of creating your own page-swap key, using DMX Remotes, a custom dummy fixture profile, and a flash Executor.

Don't wanna go through the mess? CLICK HERE to see the plugin installer I built for the job. One-click setup, faster key responsiveness, and you can use as many as you want in your show!

By the end of this video, (if you follow along) you will have built a key, which when pressed, loads a pre-defined page. When released, the original page is returned, allowing for quick access to executors you don't want killing your main executor space, such as changeover looks, house lights, group masters, etc. Or, you can think of it as a modifier key, like CTRL on a keyboard, so that while you're holding it, your executors have a different function from normal. This can allow you to access more executors on a smaller console.


Please note, if you try to incorporate more than one of these in your show, and you accidentally trigger one while the other is already going, you WILL get stuck on one of those pages.

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