Ping from Console

This plugin allows the user to ping an IP address from the console. The intended use is for situations where a basic ping of a single IP address is needed, to avoid the need for pulling out a computer.

For more advanced network-scanning needs, check out ZenMap. I've personally had great results with it.

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Step 1:

Check your IP addresses. Make sure they are in a compatible subnet to the IP of the object you are trying to connect with. MA’s automatic network masks are set so that:

192.168.0.x – mask is (first three numbers must match destination object, last must be different)
192.168.1.x – mask is

10.x.x.x – mask is (first number must match)
2.x.x.x – mask is

Also make sure that the interface with the IP you are pinging from is physically connected. You cannot ping IPs in the range for port 1 from a cable plugged into port 2.

Step 2:
MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN SESSION. Ping will not work if network interfaces are not activated.

Step 3:
Run plugin – enter your IP

Lua passes the ping request to Linux. Depending on the result, you will see one of the following:







It is important to note that this plugin is using the ping command from Linux. As such, there is a lag when the object is not on the network as the OS waits for a response. It is not possible to accelerate this response currently and the plugin cannot be re-triggered during this wait. Until a response is received from the OS, no other Lua commands will be executed.


Ping From Console
Ping From Console
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Tested with GMA2 Versions:

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