Lighting Design and Operation

• Show programming
• Rig design and plotting using VectorWorks
• Live operation

Custom Plugin & Showfile Design

Custom MA2 showfile automation to meet your specific needs. Lua plugins can be built for tasks like adding live features and new keywords, interactive-layout building, hardware integration, game show structuring, network interfacing with external applications, and much more.

Pre-Visualization Space

Pre-visualization rendering workstation available for rent, with your choice of LightConverse or MA3D. LightConverse is enabled for lighting, video, and laser rendering. Space includes rendering machine, TV for visualization, and multiple touch screens

Installation Project Management

Coverage through all stages of a lighting installation, from space planning and equipment order, to timeline structuring, to leading the rig build and integrating components.

Timecode Management

• Generation of timecode tracks using SMPTE(LTC) or MTC
• Timecode manipulation to fit song changes to existing programming
• Routing management via SMPTE signal and network MIDI

MA Training

Training is available for users of all skill levels and applications, either on-site or by web session.
Hourly and daily options are available.