Thank you for your purchase!

Please check the primary email associated with your PayPal account for the following emails:

  • One from PayPal with your transaction receipt.
  • One from Giaffo Designs with your payment confirmation and download link. Please note that the download link will expire after 10 days.
  • One to confirm subscription for an update list. This subscription will the delivery method for free updates to your plugin as they are released.
    It does not sign you up for the general updates newsletter or any other subscription. Your email will not be shared with anybody for any purpose.




If you have not received any emails within 10 minutes of your purchase, double-check the following:

  • Check your PayPal transactions to see if the payment actually went through.
  • Double-check which email is set as primary for your account. This is the account where your email will have been sent.
  • If the payment confirmed and you still do not have an email at the correct address, contact me via the contact form, including your PayPal purchase Transaction ID, and I will work to get it sorted out as soon as possible.
    (Please keep in mind that some of my jobs heavily limit my access to internet, so I may not respond immediately.)