Flash Function Key

This plugin package will handle everything surrounding a "flash-function" key, which allows the user to have separate sets of commands executed on both the press and the release of a flash button. This allows the user to have quick access to specific views, pages, and surfaces; create non-latching MIDI controls for peripheral devices (like audio interfaces); and flash somebody else's desk lights until they're ready to punch you!

Downloaded plugin package includes:

  • Multi-user session support (making sure the right desk executes the intended commands)
  • Custom commands by giving the press and the release their own macros the user can edit
  • Lua-controlled queue-ing that ensures the user doesn't get stuck in unintended pages/views due to command timing disrepancies
  • A streamlined GUI system that keeps installation, uninstallation, and live functionality all together in the same plugin.
  • An additional, entirely self-managed network plugin to allow passing commands to other stations by the logged in user rather than by IP.

Plugin Version History:

  • v2.0.0
    • Upgraded release including multi-user support, custom commands, and View queue-ing support.
  • v1.1
    • Original public release
    • Page support
    • Single-user sessions only

Known Issues

  • UserCmd does not work immediately upon import. Plugin engine must be reloaded once plugin is imported (click [Reload] inside of any plugin, or type ReloadPlugins into the command line)
  • "Off" commands for installations will execute any time a station joins or leaves the session. This is due to DMX remotes being re-evaluated during session changes and re-executed if receiving an appropriate value.

Tested with MA2 Versions:

  • v3.9.51.2
  • v3.9.0.3
  • v3.8.0.0
  • v3.7.0.5
  • v3.6.1.1
  • v3.5.0.6
  • v3.3.4.3

v2.0.0 Download:

Price: $30

v2.0.0 Manual:

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