OnPC MIDI Encoders

Playlist videos:

  1. Main plugin video (with MidiFighter Twister)
  2. Demonstration of use on APC40

Downloaded plugin package includes:

  • MA2 Plugin (installs and runs commands)
  • Bome MIDI Translator file
  • MIDI Fighter Twister configuration file

What the MA2 plugin does:

  • Installs + uninstalls the MIDI remotes for receiving the MIDI from Bome
  • Converts the MIDI commands into encoder rotations the desk can understand
  • The commands are understood as actual hardware encoder rotations and presses, rather than sending commands like "Attribute Pan At +1". This means your align functions will function normally, as if you were using a command wing or console.

Setup Requirements

Plugin Version History:

  • v1.3.3
    • Addition of Bome support for APC-40 units (auto-remote installation not yet implemented, but support is available for this by contact)
  • v1.3.2
    • Original Public Release

Tested with MA2 Versions:

  • v3.9.51.2
  • v3.9.0.3
  • v3.8.0.0
  • v3.7.0.5
  • v3.6.1.1
  • v3.5.0.6
  • v3.3.4.3

v1.3.3 Download:

COVID Pandemic Price: $35

v1.3.3 PDF Diagrams

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