Page-Flash Key: Installer

Want to learn how to make your own from scratch? CLICK HERE to see my tutorial video on building one using DMX Remotes!

This plugin will install a key(s) in your showfile which, when held, will take you to a previously-defined page. When released, the original page is returned, allowing for quick access to executors you don't want killing your main executor space, such as changeover looks or house lights. Or, you can think of it as a modifier key, like CTRL on a keyboard, so that while you're holding it, your executors have a different function from normal. This can allow you to access more executors on a smaller console.

Rather than variables in macro lines, this version runs on other plugins in the background, so as to allow the key to respond faster than if triggered by a DMX remote, as well as preventing any glitches if more than one is used in the same file and happen to be triggered at the same time.

Plugin Version History:

  • v1.0.2 - Original public release.

Tested with MA2 Versions:

  • v3.8.0.0
  • v3.7.0.5
  • v3.6.1.1
  • v3.5.0.6
  • v3.3.4.3
  • v3.3.2.2
  • v3.2.2.16
  • v3.1.2.5

Plugin Download:

Temp-Page Key Installer v1.0.2
Temp-Page Key Installer v1.0.2
Price: $5.00

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