Showfile Dongle/Password Lock

(video demonstrations coming soon)

This plugin allows a user to implement a password lock on their showfile, and to optionally use their thumb drive as a dongle to unlock the file without being prompted. Plugin features include:

  • Password protecting the showfile
  • Installing and removing perpetual licenses for consoles or USB drives to skip the password-prompting step
  • Installing and removing temporary licenses for consoles and USB drives that automatically delete themselves after a certain number of uses or certain amount of time
  • Tamper-detection that automatically deletes temporary licenses if date/time are altered.
  • Delete-protection: if the plugin is unlocked and then deleted, it automatically restores and re-locks itself. Optionally (discussed before purchase) the owner may set a number of attempts allowed before this kicks a user out of the showfile.

Each copy of the plugin is built with the user's password built in to the engine code - obscured - meaning that there is no simple way for another user to just open up the file and find/change it.

By default, repeated failure to provide the correct password will result in being kicked out to a new showfile. However, additional custom functionality can be added. If interested, contact me and I'll give you a sample list of alternative failure respones I have used previously.

Plugin Version History:

  • v1.4.0
    • Original Public Release

Tested with MA2 Versions:

  • v3.9.60.3
  • v3.9.51.2
  • v3.9.0.3
  • v3.8.0.0
  • v3.7.0.5
  • v3.6.1.1
  • v3.5.0.6
  • v3.3.4.3

v1.4.0 Download:

For pricing and additional info, please contact me.

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